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Motorized Alternating Valve 2 BSPT Revision 2 (Piston Style)

Ražotājs: CLACK
Produkta kods: V3076BSPT
Šāda kombinācija neeksistē

2” NPT or 2” BSPT Available

Epoxy coated lead free brass valve body*

Allows for two WS2, WS2L or WS2H Valves to be a Twin Alternating System

Full 2” ports with minimal pressure loss

Provides for no raw water bypass during regeneration

Provides choices of treated or non-treated water regeneration

Proven and reliable Clack DC drive assembly

Low voltage drive assembly controlled by valve’s circuit board

Flow from Port A to Common has a 2.1 PSI drop at 90 GPM

Flow from Port B to Common has a 1.4 PSI drop at 90 GPM

Hydraulically Balanced Piston Valve

Patented Seal/Spacer Stack Assembly

Operating Pressures (min/max): 1,4 bar/ 8,6 bar

Operating Temperatures(min/max): 4C/43C  


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